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Antenna Frequency: T-Mobile 3G (1700/2100mhz AWS)

T-Mobile has established itself as a 4G carrier and has even moved into 4G LTE Advanced, but its network still relies heavily on its 3G service. However, there are still plenty of soft spots in T-Mobile's network where you'll find that even 3G service is weak at best. The good news is that as long you can get some signal, you can amplify it, and 5Gstore has options available to do just that.
If you're needing to get more out of your T-Mobile 3G or 4G signal, look no further than 5Gstore's inventory of 1700/2100 AWS antennas and repeaters. Our antennas can help you strengthen your mobile device's signal when you're faced with local interference caused by obstructions such as floors, walls and buildings. And if your signal is coming in strong in some areas, our repeaters can expand that coverage into your home or office's dead spots.

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