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Simplifi Connect II (Cellular/Wifi) Router + VoiceLink Dongle for Pots Line Replacement

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Item Number: 12082



The bundle includes both the Simplifi Connect II Router + VoiceLink dongle as a complete solution for your POTS line replacement!

The Simplifi Connect II gives you the ability to take advantage of an Enterprise-Grade Internet Service -  LTE Routers, Cellular Service, Enterprise Management Platform, and  App for Individual Use.  Be resilient in work & play: Far more than a hotspot Simplifi, has all your home and small business connectivity needs covered.

  • Connect your devices to the internet over cellular & fixed-wired lines, instantly.
  • Protect your home, small business, boat, or RV with built-in cellular backup and advanced security features.
  • Control your network from anywhere with Simplifi’s native app and cloud-based remote management platform.

The Voicelink Smart Dongle is designed to make POTS line replacement a breeze with advanced tone stabilization and built-in management tools that enable you to manage your device from anywhere. This is a scaleable add-on to the Simplifi Connect Wireless Router. 

How it Works: The dongle converts copper RJ-11 lines to cellular for POTS replacement solution.

Contact the 5GStore customer support team with any questions about this POTS line replacement bundle.


  • Resiliency
    • Built-in fail-over so you never lose connection again!
  • Security
    • IPsec
    • UAM/Radius
    • SPI/Firewall
    • port forwarding
    • cellular to an ethernet connection
  • Connected
    • Complete network in a box, 32 WiFi Connections, connected to fixed wireline and/or LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Simplicity
    • Plug n’ play, set and forget Remote management platform for easy configuration
  • Portability
    • No moving parts, no external antennas, works anywhere there is a cellular connection
  • Reliable
    • 24-hour support, Enterprise-grade solution
  • On-board echo cancellation
  • DTMF/fax tone stabilization
  • Up to 16kHZ HD audio
  • Compatible with the VoLTE network
  • Compatible with standard POTS/PSTN equipment
  • Up to 2 REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) line load
  • Measure line load, voltage, and impedance

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Does the Simplifi Connect II support POTS-based alarm codes/tones synchronously?

Yes, you just need to coordinate with Simplifi and provide the IMEI number of the system so they can apply this feature.

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