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Pepwave Max BR1 ENT LTE Router

With its 300Mbps throughput and its redundant SIM slots with automatic switching, the Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT LTE Router provides a blazing fast, dependable network for enterprise use. In addition, the MAX BR1 Cat 12 also supports band 14 and comes FirstNet-ready for first responders and other critical applications.

Reliable M2M connection stability is important, which is why the MAX BR1 ENT enables patented SpeedFusion Hot Failover technology for instant failover between wired and cellular links and arrives equipped with terminal block for secure power installations. With this high-performance router, you’ll be able to meet strict security compliance regulations for businesses with a “no Wi-Fi” security policy.

The MAX BR1 ENT is enclosed in a rugged metal unit that resists shock and vibration. It is suitable for railway applications, is RF Port Lighting Immunity-Certified and is electromagnetic-compatible. This compact router weighs just under one pound and fits into smaller spaces, which makes it ideal for limited space areas. The MAX BR1 ENT is available at with a Cat 6 LTE-A modem or a FirstNet-ready Cat 12 LTE-A modem.


  • Ports include one (1) Ethernet WAN port, two (2) Ethernet LAN ports and one (1) embedded 4G LTE
  • Redundant SIM slots
  • 25 to 150 recommended users
  • 300 Mbps router throughput
  • PepVPN, SpeedFusion Hot Failover and WAN Smoothing, drop-in mode
  • One-year limited warranty

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