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Sometimes, your network needs a little help in order to get a good signal. Maybe you live in an area without a direct line to cell phone towers, or the second-floor bedroom is a little too far away from the router in the basement. But while you can’t afford to let yourself be burdened by dropped calls and slow download times, you can afford to boost your signal with a new antenna. carries 3G/4G antennas and Wi-Fi antennas, for indoor, outdoor and vehicle use to give your network a faster, more reliable wireless signal.

AT&T 1700mhz 4G
AT&T 1900mhz 4G
AT&T 700mhz 4G
AT&T 800/1900mhz 3G
Sprint 1900mhz 4G
Sprint 2500mhz 4G
Sprint 800/1900mhz 3G
Sprint 850mhz 4G
T-Mobile 1700/2100mhz 3G
T-Mobile 1700mhz 4G
US Cellular 700mhz 4G
US Cellular 800/1900mhz 3G
Verizon 1700mhz 4G
Verizon 700mhz 4G
Verizon 800/1900mhz 3G

Our selection of  indoor antennas includes 3G/4G and Wi-Fi antennas that plug directly into your router, modem or device network card to improve your signal. We also have both directional and omnidirectional 3G/4G and Wi-Fi outdoor antennas that install on your roof or window, to either improve the 3G/4G signal coming in or the Wi-Fi signal going out. We even have multi-purpose antennas for your vehicle to improve mobile broadband and GPS signals while you’re on the go. With top brands such as Wilson, SureCall, Laird, MobileMark and Panorama, you’ll find efficient and reliable antennas at a fair price, with 5Gstore’s expert customer service to help you find the right antenna for your network and devices.

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