Unlimited Data Predicted for 5G Networks

With the launch of 5G networks coming ever closer, 2019-2020 expected launch window, more and more questions are being asked. One question on everyones mind is about data usage and the current capped data plans offered by carriers.

Dan Bieler, a Forrester analyst said, “Once 5G arrives on a nationwide basis, there is so much bandwidth available that we will have pretty much unlimited access to data.” Since 5G will offer at least 10 times the speed of current 4G, there shouldn’t be any issues with over crowding or lack of bandwidth available from a tower. Since there will be so much bandwidth available, it may be time do drop data caps and go to a truly unlimited network. Only time will tell, and we’re all aware of greedy carriers and the need to line their pockets, but technically nothing should prevent this from being an option.

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