Study Shows Americans Expectations for 5G

A survey from HarrisX, commissioned by T-Mobile, shows that more than half of Americans are aware of 5G and excited for what it will offer – even though most Americans do not have access to 5G yet. Respondents who were aware of 5G have high expectations for it, with 90% believing it will be better than LTE, and 64% expecting it to be widely available by the year 2020.

“Consumer sentiment around tech innovation and 5G in particular is widely positive, with big expectations for impact on job creation, business, various facets of people’s personal lives like healthcare management in the near future,” said Dritan Nesho, chief researcher and CEO of HarrisX, in a statement. “Expectations are high, with over two in three Americans believing 5G will become a reality by 2020, which will require significant investment by the public and private sector to get there.”

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