Real-life 5G network testing burns through data plan in less than an hour

When receiving the promised speeds on the 5G network could proved dangerous for your data plan.

A technician that was testing at Randwick has explained. Was testing at the site about 25 minutes in, after several speed tests & downloading PUBG ( Smartphone game) and two movies from Net Flix, I got an SMS alert on my phone. “You have used 50 % of your 20 GB data allowance” Telstra warned me. The sim card I was using was loaned to me by Telstra for testing, but 20GB isn’t an unusually small amount of data.

Even with the so-called unlimited plans, the cellular carriers offer most are throttled to 3G speeds once you hit about 75-100 GB range. Granted you probably will not be running speed test over and over or downloading multiple movies a day, but the whole point of the 5G network is to have super fast data connections and no limits.

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