Early 5G delivers 112Mbps average and 988Mbps peak speeds

As several of the world’s earliest next-generation cellular carriers have unveiled their peak 5G network speeds, others have relied on uncertain promises of “blazing fast” performance to set customer expectations. Today, crowdsourced network coverage service Opensignal actually discovers early 5G service performance in the first country with “widespread 5G adoption” South Korea and the numbers are compelling, as much for where they’re strong as where they’re unsubstantial.

Opensignal found that South Korean 5G users were seeing 111.8Mbps real-world average download speeds, versus 75.8Mbps average speeds with flagship 4G phones that support the fastest or near-fastest late-stage LTE technologies. As other smartphone users saw download speed averaging 47.7Mbps, the study said, with all data coming exclusively from South Korean cities where 5G has been introduced.

This doesn’t mean that 5G speeds are only 111.8Mbps, rather the 5G service being offered to users on a somewhat inconsistent basis has been delivering that speed on average across all cell towers. While 5G phones can take advantage of faster 5G cell towers when they’re available, they otherwise fall back to 4G, bringing down their numbers.

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Putting 5G Speed to the Test in New York City

Are 5G speeds as fast as they say? Cellular providers have been foreshadowing the arrival of 5G. The ultra-fast network of the future- for many months now. But we should not get too excited, at least, not yet.

On Friday the 5th of July, T-Mobile officially turned on the switch on it 5G network in parts of New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cleveland, and Atlanta. So, Henry Parra, who spent years working in the telecommuting cations industry and no heads Consumer Reports phone testing head to downtown Manhattan to test out the 5G network.

Henry found that the 5G service had blazing speeds when the service was available. Learned that finding and keeping the signal wasn’t an easy task. Signal would disappear within a few steps, disconnecting and pushing back over to 4G LTE. The 5G speeds seemed to be great when the connection would stay established.

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Private 5G could allow Google and Amazon to become Telcos

One of the main selling points with 5G wireless technology to the world is that telecommunications providers have offered the opportunity to enter into new markets and offer new sources of revenue from wireless services. This opportunity to build an Amazon, or something like AWS, leveraging much of the assets that telephone service providers already own. This has been most compelling.

Perhaps 5G engineers have already seen this coming, enterprises and industry groups have begun exploring this issue in reverse. If telephone service providers can build the next cloud using an x86 server and microdata centers to a wireless spectrum in many countries including the United States, There may be enough of the unlicensed spectrum hanging around to pull an offset.

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About one in three Americans think they have 5G service but don’t

Potentially millions of people do not understand whether their smartphones support 5G technology.

Decluttr, a phone company that offers refurbishment of cell phones. Declutter has surveyed 2,000 US smartphone owners in late May of 2019 and found that about a third of respondents believed that they owned a 5G smartphone. Of the 40 percent are Apple iPhone users. Apple has not released a 5G phone yet. and 31 percent are Samsung owners. Samsung has only released the Galaxy s10 5G phone, This phone has just recently gone on sale a couple of months ago for $1,300. More than 62 percent of the surveyed user thought they had a 5G supported phone device say they have noticed improved mobile service.

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Real-life 5G network testing burns through data plan in less than an hour

When receiving the promised speeds on the 5G network could proved dangerous for your data plan.

A technician that was testing at Randwick has explained. Was testing at the site about 25 minutes in, after several speed tests & downloading PUBG ( Smartphone game) and two movies from Net Flix, I got an SMS alert on my phone. “You have used 50 % of your 20 GB data allowance” Telstra warned me. The sim card I was using was loaned to me by Telstra for testing, but 20GB isn’t an unusually small amount of data.

Even with the so-called unlimited plans, the cellular carriers offer most are throttled to 3G speeds once you hit about 75-100 GB range. Granted you probably will not be running speed test over and over or downloading multiple movies a day, but the whole point of the 5G network is to have super fast data connections and no limits.

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Verizon. vs AT&T.vs Sprint, Guess who is winning the 5G battle.

In the pitched battle over 5G in the USA, AT&T has been leading the way with fastest peak downloads of 1.8 Gigabytes of data per second. This test was completed in Los Angeles with a Galaxy s10 5G.

The same speed test has been run on Verizon branded Galaxy s10 5G phone. The maximum speed reached on Verizon 5G network was 1.3 Gigabytes of data per second. This test was completed in Los Angeles.

Sprint peaked at 484 Megabits per second using the LG V50 5G smartphone. That’s 3.7 times slower than AT&T’s Highest speed of 1.8 Gigabytes of data per second. The test was completed with Speedtest.net in Dallas.

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Verizon Executive Vice President sees 5G network Propelling the ‘Smart city dream’

With Verizon Unleasing 5G in the United States, consumer are taking notice.

Verizon has been the first cellular company in the U.S and the first in the world releasing 5G with the 5G home service. By the end of the year, 2019 Verizon will be in over 30 major cities in the U.S Verizon has just Launched the first device on 5G. The Samsung S10 5G smartphone.

As Verizon continues to release the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, new and advanced features will emerge from the ability of lightning-fast cellular speeds and super low latency. When you think about the changes that 5G will have to offer, anything from cars talking to cell phones, cell phones talking to buildings and really the realizing the smart city dream.

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Sprint adds Samsung’s Galaxy s10 5G to be released on June 21.

As Sprint prepares to add more 5G cities, they also are adding another 5G phone to its lineup. Sprint has launched 5G service in four cities last month. Sprint has released they are going to be adding the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G , The New 5G phone will be joining the already released 5G phones such as the LG V50 Thin Q 5GPhone and the HTC 5G Hub home hot spot.

Sprint will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S10 to the regular consumers. Unlike AT&T the has announced this week that S10 5G phone has only been available to the Business customers. This New 5G phone does not come cheap, as the 256GB phone will cost upward of 1,300 and will requires a subscription to Sprints highest-tier Unlimited Premium plan, starting at $80 a month for a single line.

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AT&T’s fake 5G icons aren’t going away despite a settlement with Sprint

AT&T is going to continue to use the misleading 5G E-marketing for the 4G LTE-A network after the false advertising Lawsuit.

At&t and Sprint met at the US District Judge Vernon Broderick yesterday the 22nd of April, informed him that they had reached a settlement in principle, Broderick wrote in an order paving the way for this case to be dismissed. Broderick ordered the cellular carriers to submit a stipulation of voluntary dismissal no later than tomorrow the 24th of April or a joint letter on the status of the settlement.

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5G speeds have been predicted to be as high as 100 times faster than a mobile device using 4G.

Most analysts believe that having widespread 5G networks available in the United states till at least end of 2019 and likely 2020,
says Fung—but even then, “there aren’t even very many phones that are capable of taking advantage of this technology in the United States.”

What is millimeter wave technology?

5G networks have many different telecommunication technologies on the table for creating the 5G network. One of these would be utilizing the millimeter wavelengths. This would relieve the more congested Radio bands that our everyday devices communicate with currently. This will allow the 5G devices to broadcast over millimeter waves frequency.

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