Expect to wait 2-3 years before 5G phones get cheaper

Some people are lucky and live in the areas where 5g is available. However, the 5g phones are quite expensive considering the limited 5G coverage with the carriers. At least they will still work with 4g if 5g isn’t available.

TechRadar attended a meeting with Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, saying that he expects consumers to turn to 5G in the next two to three years, once their current contract comes up for renewal, networks improve coverage, and mid-range 5G devices become available. Explaining that smartphones tend to last longer these days, “their lifespan is nearly 2.5 or even 3 years” Koh told them, Samsung expects the S10 5G to still provide a solid experience for customers in 2020. “When carriers expand 5G coverage, customers [will make the switch] when they come to renew [their phone contract] in two to three years,” Koh explained while adding “then I expect much faster expansion than LTE.”

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