Common Networks bets 5G wireless technology will replace cable internet in your home

It takes billions of dollars to install fiber cabling in the ground, Fiber originally was the only way to deliver ultra-fast internet speeds to residential homes. The prohibitive cost has stopped some of the largest companies in the world from making a national dent in constructing high-speed broadband networks, including Verizon and Google. But Verizon and AT&T already plan to roll out 5G fixed broadband services in cities across the U.S., using wireless technology to compete with cable companies to provide ultra-fast home internet.

The CEO of Common Networks Zach Brock. The company he founded with three other ex-Square employees. For about $50 a month, Common Networks is offering 300Mb/sec to 1Gb/sec download speeds for households around Silicon Valley and Alameda (Oakland is coming soon). That’s about $20 or $30 less per month than what Comcast charges for about the same speed without promotional pricing