Samsung Galaxy S20 for Verizon sacrifices RAM for mmWave 5G

The new Galaxy S20 for Verizon supports Ultra Wideband (UW) millimeter-wave 5G, Verizon’s super fast 5G network. However, the Verizon UW 5G-capable model lacks some features available on the standard S20 available for other carriers (which can connect to 5G, but not the millimeter-wave frequencies).

The Verizon version of the Galaxy S20 5G UW has 8GB of RAM, while the standard Galaxy S20 has 12GB. The Verizon model also does not include a microSD card slot. “We had to make certain design and hardware decisions to provide a device with the form factor and price point as other S20 models,” a Samsung spokesperson explained.

The Galaxy S20 5G UW for Verizon and the standard Galaxy S20 both retail for $999.99.