Verizon CEO makes the case that 5G is more than just faster phones

The coming of 5G was supposed to change everything. But aside from tons of commercials and smartphones with a faster wireless connection and, at times, not even that the next-generation cellular technology has been a non-factor for most people. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg showed up to this year’s CES with a few real-world examples of how 5G will have an impact.

Verizon 5G and Drone control. While connecting drone deliveries Verizon is also working on this area through Skyward, a Verizon-owned business created to push cellular-connected drones. Verizon and Skyward are using 5G to connect delivery drones and are aiming to use them to deliver packages in The Villages in Florida with the help of UPS’s Flight Forward program. Vestberg said many of the drone deliveries that happened in 2020 were to transport critical supplies like medicine, but he hopes it will be broadened out. He said the only way to effectively coordinate and connect a massive number of drones in the air is through a cellular network, and 5G gives you the necessary capacity.