AT&T scores as the fastest 5G network

The latest Speedtest Global Index from Ookla report shows AT&T as the winner in 5G speeds. Per the report, average mobile download speeds overall improved significantly at the end of 2020, going from an average of about 47.13 Mbps in September to 67.33 Mbps in December. AT&T dominated in both 4G and 5G, with an Ookla Speedtest Speed Score of 50.27 – about three points higher than T-Mobile and nearly 10 points higher than fourth-place Verizon. Sprint placed third, a point ahead of Verizon (Sprint and T-Mobile are still being reported separately until the merger is fully complete).

After dramatic expansions by all the major carriers in 2020, 5G covered three quarters of the U.S. population as of January 1, 2021, with about 8% of mobile devices being 5G-capable. These numbers are expected to grow to 80% and 12%, respectively, by summer of this year.