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There’s nothing more frustrating than being told your mobile broadband should be high speed, only for it to end up being a fraction of that due to signal issues. But you may not need to invest in a signal booster or amplifier to improve your signal and download speeds. Antennas are a simple, inexpensive way to enhance your wireless signal at your home or office, or to get better signal in your vehicle if you frequently travel to these areas. At 5Gstore, we carry a variety of cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS antennas to meet your needs from top brands such as SureCall, Wilson, Panorama, Laird and more.

Cellular (LTE)



Our cellular antenna category includes indoor and outdoor antennas for your home to improve voice clarity and data speed. High-quality outdoor antennas are designed to be mounted on or through your roof while being durable and low-profile. Smaller indoor antennas can be used if you're unable to mount something outside. If you’re looking for improved Wi-Fi connectivity, roof mount or wall mount antennas can be connected directly to your router to enhance your coverage, while smaller antennas can be connected directly to your router or access point. Managers of vehicle fleets will enjoy our selection of antennas for enhanced GPS capabilities.

Shop 5Gstore’s antenna department today for the latest antennas with the latest features, including dual-band Wi-Fi and single-hole mounting. Many of our antennas are built for multi-purpose use, and some even contain multiple antennas to boost multiple devices at once. When you order from 5Gstore, you’ll also receive our expert customer service and technical support, which comes from nearly 20 years of experience in mobile broadband and Wi-Fi.