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5Gstore Support Policy

This page explains 5Gstore's free technical support policy for Authorized Users of products purchased from 5Gstore. This policy does not apply to non-technical support interactions (e.g. queries related to the ordering process, invoices, product shipment, etc).

Authorized Users

An Authorized User is a company or individual who purchased one or more 5Gstore products directly through our website or over the telephone, or via 5Gstore's official Amazon or Ebay seller store, and has a valid 5Gstore invoice number and can verify the customer contact information when requested by the 5Gstore Support Specialist.

Third Party Support

5Gstore does not provide support to customers of resellers/VARs/integrators/etc, aka 3rd party support. Only Authorized Users from the original purchasing company may contact 5Gstore Support directly by telephone or email. The reseller is responsible for supporting their own customers directly. End users cannot contact 5Gstore directly for support for products purchased/received/installed by a VAR, installer, etc.

Period of Free Support

Technical support for Authorized Users is provided free of charge for one year from the date the product is shipped according to the 5Gstore invoice.

Limitation of Support Instances during Period of Free Support

Authorized Users are entitled to receive free support for 3 incidents per Invoice. An incident is defined as a single issue that focuses on one area of the product and displays specific symptoms where the problem is directly related to the operation of a 5Gstore product and a resolution can be reached using reasonable efforts. A single support incident may involve multiple e-mails and phone calls. Our support specialist will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue, however we cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved to the user's satisfaction. 5Gstore welcomes you to submit bug reports and screen shots. If a support incident was due to a bug in a specific manufacturers hardware or software, such incident will not be counted towards the 3 incidents per order/invoice included.

After one year from the date the product was shipped OR after 3 support incidents, free technical support will no longer be available. To receive technical support in such cases, consider one of the following options:

  • Purchase a support contract offered by the manufacturer. Support contracts are available from some manufacturers for products sold by 5Gstore and allow the user to access priority support directly from the product manufacturer. (Ask your Sales Representative if the product you purchased offers a Priority support for an additional fee)
  • Purchase per-incident Advanced Support Services from 5Gstore. Our Advanced Support services are available on a per-incident basis and must be pre-determined by management by requesting a quote for services needed. Our professional rate is $165 per hour and billed in 30 min increments with a 30-minute minimum. Our services range from advanced configuration and full deployment assistance via telephone and remote support ONLY.  No On-Site “Boots on the Ground” support is available at this time.

Scope of services under FREE Support

  • Determine if hardware is defective via initial troubleshooting
  • Walk-through of configuration for routers/modems/etc
  • Walk-through for connecting wired or wireless devices to router (up to 2 per call)
  • Determining signal strength and placement of wireless antennas and amplifiers
  • Explanation or PDF resources made available by email on select topics

Changes to Technical Support Policy

5Gstore may occasionally update this policy from time to time and without prior notification. To remain up to date with our support policy, please check this page periodically.