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Warranties and SmartCare for Peplink Balance Routers

Peplink offers optional extended warranties for all of their routers, and SmartCare support is available for the higher-end models. These options can be added here even if you already own your router.

To order add-ons for other Peplink/Pepwave products, use the below links:

Extended Warranties: Peplink provides a one-year standard warranty at no additional charge. This warranty period can be extended if desired - the extended warranty covers hardware issues and gives users access to firmware upgrades and InControl 2 (only in-warranty devices have access!). The one-year extended warranty option gives you an additional year on top of the standard one year for a total of two years of warranty protection, the two-year warranty option gives you an additional two years for a total of three years.

SmartCare Support: SmartCare is a support option that can be added for one or three years. The 1-year or 3-year SmartCare packages include:

  • Standard Warranty for 1 or 3 years
  • Free Firmware Upgrades for 1 or 3 years
  • Advance Hardware Replacement for RMA for 1 or 3 years (i.e. if your device needs to be replaced, Pepwave will ship you a replacement without having to receive the defective unit first)

InControl 2 (20/30/50/One only): Access to IC2 is included when your device is under warranty. After your warranty has expired, you can add access to InControl 2 by purchasing a license. InControl-only licenses are not available for the Balance 210+ (users of those routers must purchase an extended warranty or SmartCare license).

Additional WAN Activation (20/210/One): The Balance 20, 210, One, and Core have additional WAN ports that can be unlocked if needed.

SpeedFusion Upgrades (200/500/One/305/380/580): The MediaFast 200/500 and Balance One/Core do not include support for SpeedFusion bonding. These models can be upgraded to unlock that feature if desired. The Balance 305/380/580 include SpeedFusion support, and the number of supported peers can be upgraded if needed.

Upgrade to 5 PepVPN Peers (Balance 20/30/One/Core/210/310): This license increases the number of PepVPN connections from 2 to 5. This alleviates the bottleneck that occurs when both connections are used for headquarters, enabling the device to connect to 3 more remote sites.