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Verizon One Talk Terms & Conditions

Designed in particular for small and medium-sized businesses, Verizon One Talk offers lots of advantages for keeping connected with the world while on the go. By providing one number for office phones and smartphones, this system makes it easy for important clients and contacts to reach you no matter where you are during your busy life. This system also offers automated receptionist, conferencing and other advanced abilities to help your business run smoothly.

At 5GStore, we are proud to carry and install this superior service. To make sure you fully understand our services, please read the text below. If you have questions, you may reach us via our toll-free phone number or by email.

The documentation (“Document” or “Agreement”) contains certain terms and conditions under which sells Verizon One Talk phones to Customers under sales orders agreed to by and Customer.

These terms and conditions are to be incorporated by reference into the sales order for the Verizon One Talk phones. The terms and conditions of this Document shall control in the event of any conflict with the terms of any sales order, acknowledgment or any other document concerning the services described herein.

One Talk Terms and Conditions Overview:

  1. 5Gstore will schedule an on-site technician to your install location or locations to unbox, connect, and test each One Talk phone that is ordered with service. The technician will not run ethernet cable, drill holes, relocate or install RJ45 jacks, or perform any other work outside the scope of the basic install. Installation of wall mounts or phones that do not include a line of service is not included. If there is any additional work needed, it must be discussed with 5Gstore before ordering. 

  2. Installation from 5Gstore is not free; it is subsidized and requires you to keep the One Talk lines of service for at least 6 months. If you cancel the lines of service before 6 months, you will be required to pay back the cost of the installation. While 5Gstore will do our best to schedule an on-site installation, there are cases where there may be a trip charge or parking fee to send the installer out, and rare cases where an installer is not available. 5Gstore will contact you prior to scheduling to discuss any costs and to go over self-install instructions.

  3. The on-stie technician will not train any end user on the One Talk product. Support is offered by 5Gstore in the form of our online support portal, by phone, or by contacting Verizon.

  4. You must notify 5Gstore of any request to cancel or reschedule an installation at least 48 hours before your installation start time or there may be additional fees.

The Customer agrees as follows:

  1. All One Talk Phone sales are final and non-refundable when shipped from 5Gstore inventory.

  2. All One Talk PA System sales are final and non-refundable unless they fall under our 30-day warranty for damaged/defective items. Please refer to Return Information and Conditions of Sale for more information on RMA Requests needed for Damaged/Defective Units.

  3. During the time of verification with the Customer and, if the installation will require any cabling work or anything outside of what defines as a “basic install” (see below) then the customer is required to have a site survey done before the order can be completed in order to determine what beyond the basic install will be needed. Customer agrees to pay for the site survey $299 in addition to any extra fees for the work completed should we proceed with the One Talk Phone Installation.

  4. If the Customer has selected a six (6) month contract option for the price of the Verizon One Talk Phone: The customer agrees that in the event Customer cancels the Verizon contract prior to the end of the six (6) month term, the Customer agrees to reimburse the amount of $85.00 per phone purchased. The Customer agrees to all other non One Talk related RMA rules and exceptions as laid out on Return Information and Conditions of Sale

  5. shall notify Customer of the amount necessary due to the termination of the Verizon six (6) month contract and in the event, Customer shall have ten (10) days to reimburse the amount owed.

  6. Customer acknowledges that the lower price of the phone was based upon Customer entering into and maintaining a six (6) month contract with Verizon. The price of the phone would have been higher without the Verizon contract.

  7. Shipping charges are NOT refundable.

  8. In the event that your package has to be redirected by FedEx/UPS after it has shipped from 5Gstore due to customer error or request (e.g. you entered an incorrect address when placing the order OR you simply decide you want it delivered to an alternate location once it's already in transit), you will automatically be charged a $15 redirect fee.

  9. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  10. shall retain all rights and remedies at law and in equity, including the right to receive attorney’s fees and costs, against Customer in the event Customer fails to make the reimbursement set forth in this agreement.

Subsidized Installation Terms and Conditions

  1. Installation charges are NOT refundable (this includes site surveys). Additionally, if Customer received subsidized installation at the time of the order and later cancels their One Talk service with Verizon before six (6) months, regardless of if the Customer agrees to six (6) month contract, pays for the phones outright through 5Gstore, or has Verizon bill the phones directly to the Customer, Customer agrees to reimburse the amount of $40.00 per phone installed.

  2. Installation Cancellations: If an installation appointment must be canceled, Customer must cancel at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time. If 24-48 hours notice is given, Customer agrees to reimburse the amount of $50 per installation site. If the installation is canceled with less than 24 hours notice or if the Customer is not available/business closed at the scheduled installation time, Customer agrees to reimburse the amount of $100 per installation site.

  3. Installation Rescheduling: 5Gstore will accommodate 1 reschedule request with no additional fees if requested more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled installation. If a reschedule is requested less than 48 hours prior to the installation or if multiple reschedule requests are made, Customer will be responsible for a minimum $20 rescheduling fee that is due at the time of scheduling.

  4. Customer will provide no-charge parking access for 5GStore installers at the installation site. In the event 5GStore has to pay for parking at the installation site, Customer agrees to pre-pay for any parking fees at the time of placing the order or to reimburse 5Gstore if 5Gstore must pay for parking on site.

  5. 5Gstore does not guarantee an installer will be available at the dates and times you requested, however, we do our best to accommodate most requests. In rare circumstances, 5Gstore may not be able to find an installer for your location and will instead provide self-installation instructions and assistance by phone. Requesting an installation date outside the provided window disqualifies the order from subsidized installation.

  6. In order to qualify for subsidized installation, the customer must provide 5Gstore with the below-identified information and access in a timely manner. In the event this information is not provided in a timely manner the ability to meet the requested installation dates and times may be impacted, and the cost of installation may be charged to the customer. 5Gstore will communicate any costs up front before scheduling any installation. We require:

    1. At least 1 week prior to the first preferred install date; access to MyBiz account (instructions provided during order placement) to verify the phones are ordered and call flow can be Setup.

    2. At least 1 week prior to the first preferred install date; verification that the phones will be on site by the install date. This can be done by providing MyBiz access, or a tracking number provided by Verizon.

    3. At least 4 active desk phones are included in the order to qualify for subsidized installation. Mobile only, native dialers, PA systems, and line shared phones do not count toward subsidized install. If the original order includes 4 lines to qualify for subsidized install, but later is modified to be less than 4 qualifying lines, the customer is responsible to reimbursement to 5Gstore for the cost of the install as described in condition 1.

  7. Installation includes the basic connection of a phone to an existing ethernet cable or connecting the phone to a wifi network, powering on and updating the phone, and making a test call to verify the phone’s functionality. Any further work will be considered out of scope and is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay at the time the services are rendered.

  8. Customer understands that any additional work out of scope or materials needed is at the sole responsibility of the customer to pay at the time the services are rendered. This includes but is not limited to additional materials needed and additional work required beyond the agreed scope of work as previously defined above.

  9. Customer agrees to reimburse at the time of services being rendered, and if this occurs outside the normal operating hours of (9am-5pm CST), payment must be paid the following business day. Customer agrees this will be handled by either the original payment method being rebilled OR paid via another accepted payment method accepted by (credit card, wire, bitcoin, Apple pay, Amazon pay etc).