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5Gstore and One Talk

Verizon One Talk is a powerful, dynamic multi-line telephone system with tons of unique features that benefit all kinds of businesses - but in the past many sales reps and end users have found the sales and setup process difficult to navigate. Taking the feedback of Verizon reps around the country, 5Gstore has built a one-of-a-kind platform that supports every facet of the One Talk sales and setup process, from network diagnostics to determine compatibility all the way through installation and configuration.

What makes 5Gstore's One Talk platform different?

We are the ONLY One Talk reseller to offer Verizon reps a one-stop portal for managing the entire One Talk sales process, and we also support the end users before, during, and after the sale!

5Gstore's One Talk portal guides Verizon reps and end users through the ENTIRE process of purchasing and setting up a One Talk system. We incorporate a variety of unique tools that make it easy to determine what equipment is needed, how it should be configured, and exactly what installation steps will need to be done at setup time. With our guided sales process and installation support, all of the guesswork is taken out of the process.

Benefits for Verizon reps:

  • Our portal gives you complete visibility to all of your customers (test results, where they are in order/setup process, shipping info, etc)
  • Pre-sales diagnostic tools test the customers' internet speeds and router settings to determine compatibility with the One Talk system and identify potential issues BEFORE purchase and installation
  • Digital whiteboarding during the order building phase simplifies setup
  • Email notifications on all orders for your customers
  • Expert tech support for your customers is INCLUDED

Benefits for customers:

  • We work with you and your Verizon rep to build an order to your exact needs
  • Diagnostic tests before you order ensure there are no network or connection issues
  • Professional installation of phones available. $199 for 1-3 phones, 4 or more, FREE!
  • FREE expert tech support via phone for 12 months, including network analysis and troubleshooting
  • Digital whiteboarding simplifies setup - you provide the information about extensions needed, phone trees, call forwarding rules, etc and everything is mapped out ahead of time
  • General Mailbox for One Talk - set up a mailbox to route after-hours calls and notify relevant employees via SMS or email
  • Toll-Free Number Porting - 5Gstore can port a toll-free number and set it up to work with a One Talk network
  • SimplyBonding for One Talk - for customers wanting to more reliability and unbreakable connection on their phones

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