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Recurring Billing Terms & Conditions

The documentation (“Document” or “Agreement”) contains certain terms and conditions under which sells services that are billed on a monthly recurring basis, including General Mailbox for One Talk, Toll-Free Ported Numbers, and T-Mobile Data Service.

The Customer agrees as follows:

  1. By placing an order with, Customer accepts the monthly fee, included usage allowance (if any), and usage/overage fees for data usage, SMS messaging, voicemails, transcription, or other features specific to the service purchased. These fee details are presented to the Customer before checkout on the product page and/or the 5Gstore quote provided prior to the order, and can be viewed post-order by logging in at and navigating to "My Account" and clicking the name of the service to monitor (e.g. General Mailbox for One Talk).
  2. Monthly Billing:
    1. Monthly service, usage, and any other applicable fees are billed on the first of each month, with the exception of the first month which is prorated and charged at checkout along with any activation fee (if applicable), SIM cards (if applicable), and any other products selected.
    2. The credit card used at checkout will be used for future monthly billing related to the order. Customer can update their credit card at any time by logging in at and navigating to "My Account" and clicking "Update Saved Credit Cards."
    3. Monthly billing includes the service charge for the upcoming month (e.g. on June 1, Customer will pay the fee for the month of June) and any usage, overage, and/or service charges incurred from the previous month (e.g. on June 1, Customer will pay for usage/overage incurred from May 1-31).
    4. In the event that an attempted billing charge fails (due to an expired credit card or any other error), 5Gstore will immediately contact Customer with instructions to resolve the issue. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the credit card on file is valid and able to be charged each month. 5Gstore will reattempt the charge nightly until the charge is successful. If 5Gstore is unable to successfully complete the charge within 5 days, service may be suspended or terminated.
  3. Taxes and Other Fees:
    1. 5Gstore remits all required taxes and telecom fees on Customer's behalf.
    2. For Toll-Free Number orders, taxes and regulatory fees, along with other associated account servicing fees, are billed to Customer monthly for charges accrued the previous month. These fees are calculated based on minutes used utilizing a base per-minute rate and will vary depending on your usage. Taxes and fees are subject to change when changes to the law are enacted.
  4. Usage and Reporting:
    1. CST timezone is used for usage reporting and billing. Customer acknowledges that usage reports will utilize CST instead of Customer's local time (e.g. usage incurred at 11:00pm PST on May 31 will be reported and billed as 1:00am CST on June 1).
    2. Customer may view their usage activity by logging in at and navigating to "My Account" and clicking the name of the service to monitor (e.g. General Mailbox for One Talk).
    3. Customer is responsible for monitoring their account activity and understanding the fees that will be incurred based on usage. Customer can view their plan details (monthly fee, any usage allowance included, and all per-usage fees) by logging in at and navigating to "My Account" and clicking the name of the service to monitor (e.g. General Mailbox for One Talk).
  5. Cancellation of Service and Billing:
    1. Customer can cancel their future recurring service with 5Gstore at any time by calling 833-547-8673 or emailing Cancellation requests will be processed by 5Gstore within 2 business days.
    2. Service already paid for is not refundable, nor can it be prorated (e.g. if the June monthly fee was collected on June 1 and Customer requests cancellation on June 20, future billing will be disabled but the June fee already collected will not be adjusted.)
    3. If any monthly or usage fees are outstanding, Customer must bring the account current prior to cancellation.
    4. Upon Customer cancellation of a 5Gstore service, the service will be immediately be disabled. Customer is responsible for making arrangements to avoid disruption or downtime, e.g. porting the number to a new carrier, adjusting call flow setup, etc.
  6. 5Gstore Right to Suspend or Terminate Service: 5Gstore may suspend or terminate the provided services under the following circumstances:
    1. Monthly billing has failed and Customer has not provided a resolution within 5 business days
    2. Usage has exceeded reasonable levels and Customer has attempts by 5Gstore to contact Customer have been unsuccessful
    3. Any unlawful or unethical usage of the 5Gstore service
  7. Ownership of Phone Numbers, Service Lines, and Stored Data:
    1. Ported toll-free numbers remain the property of the Customer and Customer may port the number away from 5Gstore and into another provider at any time. Customer can also request that the forward-to number is changed if Customer wishes to maintain service with 5Gstore but forward the number to a different number than the one originally requested (requests will be honored by the following business day).
    2. Phone numbers generated for use as a General Mailbox are the property of 5Gstore and will no longer function if the 5Gstore service is canceled.
    3. T-Mobile lines of service are the property of 5Gstore and will no longer function if the 5Gstore service is canceled.
    4. Records and files related to 5Gstore services (e.g. voicemail transcripts, usage detail, etc) are the property of 5Gstore and may not be stored indefinitely. It is the Customer's responsibility to download or copy this data if a long-term record is required.
  8. Downtime, Failures, and Limitation of Liability:
    1. 5Gstore does not provide a service availability guarantee and is not responsible for monetary loss, damages, or other claims resulting from service outages or technical problems. While unlikely, temporary outages and technical malfunctions (e.g. corrupted voicemail file) can occur. 5Gstore will make every effort to communicate with Customer and resolve any issues or downtime as quickly as possible, but 5Gstore is not liable for problems or damages incurred by Customer from service failures or malfunctions.
    2. Customers porting toll-free numbers may experience a gap in service during the port process. 5Gstore will communicate with Customer prior to and during the port process to coordinate transfer of service, any required installation of new phones, etc.
  9. shall retain all rights and remedies at law and in equity, including the right to receive attorney’s fees and costs, against Customer in the event Customer fails to pay for services as set forth in this agreement.