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Peplink Balance 310X Router with 5G or LTE Modem

The Peplink Balance 310X high-speed SD-WAN FirstNet-ready router is ideal for small- to medium-size branches and includes cutting-edge, built-in 5G or LTE-Advanced connectivity — along with trusted Peplink features, such as patented SpeedFusion Hot Failover, WAN smoothing and bandwidth bonding for secure, reliable connections. This affordable unit is both efficient, rugged and has a wide temperature range that will perform in demanding environments.

Enjoy ease of setup, use and maintenance with the Peplink’s InControl central management system that allows you to set outbound policies, device configurations, VLAN and centralize firewall rules from one endpoint. Stay on top of your network, resolve any issues quickly and be proactive with the InControl feature — standard within the Peplink Balance 310X router series.
Peplink Balance 310X provides added security features such as DoS prevention, stateful firewalls, Web blocking and Web-filtering blacklists as well as a complete VPN solution, including PepVPN and site-to-site VPN. Want more information about the Peplink Balance 310X?

Unsure if the Balance 310X series is right for you and your small or medium-sized business? Don’t hesitate to contact — we’re here to answer your questions about this product to ensure confidence in your purchase.