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Cradlepoint Netcloud for Branch Essentials with W2000 5G/Cat 20 LTE Adapter

The W2000 Essentials Solutions package includes the W2000-5GB Branch Adapter and support for 1, 3, or 5 years:

  • NetCloud Software (NetCloud Manager Standard, NetCloud OS, NetCloud Perimeter)
  • 24x7 Cradlepoint Support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Designed for fixed locations that require the higher performance of 5G and the flexibility of wireless, the Cradlepoint W2000-5GB is a key member of the W-Series 5G Wideband Adapter family that will usher in the next generation of Wireless WAN networking. The W-Series is designed to accommodate the diverse spectrums, multiple generations, and breadth of new technologies introduced in 5G while delivering enterprise-class standards of scalability, comprehensive management, and security.

The W2000-5GB 5G Wideband Adapter is purpose-built for indoor deployment in the coverage and capacity spectrum layers. To address the tradeoff of lower propagation in the capacity layer, Cradlepoint designed the W-Series Adapters to be placed separately from the router for optimal signal reception.

While the performance of 5G is top of mind, the W-Series was also designed with enterprise-class standards for high scalability, comprehensive management, and security. Because 5G is a collection of new spectrum, new technologies, and new network infrastructure that is rolling out over several years, the Cradlepoint 5G edge networking service and endpoints accommodate the diverse deployments of an organization with hundreds or even tens of thousands of sites.

W2000 5G/Cat 20 LTE - 1 Year

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