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SimplyBonding Setup and Service

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Unleash the true power of the internet with SimplyBonding from 5Gstore! Many routers have options to use 3G, 4G, cable or LAN network connections. But unlike a load balancing router that merely runs connections in tandem, our SimplyBonding hosting service uses PepLink's SpeedFusion technology to combine them into a single ultra-fast*, ultra-reliable, and unbreakable connection. Better yet, if one connection goes down, the remaining connections will continue uninterrupted with no down time - all you need is one healthy WAN for "always on" connectivity.

While SpeedFusion typically requires a two-router setup - one where you need the connection and another to bond the connections - SimplyBonding requires just a single SpeedFusion-capable router, which is configured to connect to our host service. We then take care of the bonding and VPN, meaning minimal equipment and setup on your end. SimplyBonding requires a one-time setup fee of $250, with a free 14-day trial service period for all new customers. Those who choose to continue with the service pay a hosting charge of $100-$250 per month depending on throughput, with quarterly and yearly billing options also available at discounted rates. To get started adding SimplyBonding to your enterprise network, use the tool below to enter your existing router information or select a compatible router.

Costs and Requirements:SimplyBonding requires a Speedfusion-capable router, a one-time setup fee, and hosting service that can be billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

  • Router: You must use a Peplink or Pepwave router that supports Speedfusion and has the necessary ports/connections for the internet links you'll be bonding (e.g. WAN ports for cable/DSL, USB ports for USB modems, etc). The tool on this page will help you select an appropriate router if you don't already have one.
  • Hosting charge: SimplyBonding costs $100 - $250 per month (depending on throughput needed), or you can choose to pay quarterly or yearly and save up to $575. All new users can test the service for FREE for 14 days. New users will only pay the setup fee at checkout, and the first service fee will not be charged for 14 days. If you decide to cancel within those 14 days, the service fee will not be charged.
  • Setup fee: There is a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $250 to get your SimplyBonding service provisioned and set up.

To get started, use the tool below to select a compatible router or enter your existing router information.

*NOTE: Many factors influence the real-world throughput you'll see from a bonded connection, including connection type, the latency and speeds of your connections, IPS reliability, and traffic type. Cellular users should note that bonded cellular connections suffer from "flow control" of TCP traffic at the carrier level, and 5Gstore cannot guarantee that bonding multiple cellular connections will result in faster speeds (however, the other benefits of SpeedFusion bonding remain, such as unbreakable VPN, session persistence, and 100% up-time as long as you have 1 healthy WAN).

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Date Added: 06/06/2018 by Ric P. (West Hollywood, CA)
Very pleased works great, using at a ticket distribution system, rock solid

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Will SimplyBonding support multicast over the VPN?

Yes, any IP traffic, TCP or UDP, can be sent over the connection. This includes multicast.

What is the maximum throughput for SimplyBonding, and how many concurrent connections can it handle?

If you follow our router selection tool, you'll see a spec listed called SpeedFusion throughput. This is the maximum bonded connection speed that particular router is capable of. Concurrent connections would be dependent on the hardware you select. Using the tool you can input your connection types and it will always give you a compatible router. Feel free to contact us as well if you have more questions, we'll create a deployment that fits your needs.

SimplyBonding User Guide Download installation guide/manual