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SimplyFailover 4G LTE Backup Solution

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Modern businesses and organizations need connectivity at all times of the day. Part of that is having a good back-up plan to keep things running smoothly if your primary network falls victim to ISP problems or equipment failures. SimplyFailover is an easy, affordable cellular backup internet connection that will keep your business running seamlessly during outages. Each fast, secure 4G LTE SimplyFailover router automatically switches on whenever your primary connection goes down, ensuring your employee computers, IP phones, credit card terminals and more stay online.

The SimplyFailover 4G backup router is a solution for small- and medium-sized businesses that need to be connected 24/7. It provides the cellular connection needed to keep email, cloud services, office software, credit card processing and other services running. The low base monthly fee and data charges for when the router is used will pale in comparison to what lost productivity and lost sales would have cost you, and you’ll get peace of mind from knowing your business truly is “always on”.

Our experts know that businesses have different everyday needs — which also means they have different backup router needs. Your professional-grade LTE router comes preconfigured by 5GStore based on your current network and can be plugged right in with no setup necessary. Order today and receive a year of free technical support from 5GStore along with our expert customer service.

How it works:

We offer two options for SimplyFailover 4G router customers. Some choose to add a SimplyFailover backup router in line with their primary router. You can also replace your current router and have the SimplyFailover router handle networking and WiFi in addition to its 4G LTE backup power. Here’s a little more about how each setup works:

  • The normal setup option is for users who want to continue using their existing router for networking purposes - you'll simply connect your modem and existing router to the pre-configured SimplyFailover router for plug and play setup. Your router will still receive the external IP from the modem, so everything you have set up like VPN access, outbound connections, etc, will remain in tact, but if your primary connection goes down, the cellular backup will take over.
  • The replacement option allows you to replace your current router with the SimplyFailover router (meaning the SimplyFailover router will handle your networking and WiFi, too). We'll configure the failover as well as your WiFi network name and password, and all you'll need to do is connect your primary connection.

What it costs: The equipment costs are paid for via subscription - approximately $33/mo* for 36 months. There is no up front charge at checkout (other than shipping charges and any accessories you may be buying). Once your order is placed, our finance partner will contact you to finalize the subscription agreement.

Data usage is paid for via credit card, and you are only billed when your primary internet connection fails and SimplyFailover switches on and uses more than 1GB of data. If your primary connection never goes down, there are no usage charges that month. If your primary internet connection fails and SimplyFailover switches on, the first 1GB of data usage is free, and all usage thereafter is billed at $15/GB (rounded up to the nearest GB). Use our data usage calculator to see how much data you may use during an outage

EXAMPLE 1: In September, your primary connection is stable and never fails. You will pay your regular subscription fee to the subscription company and there will be NO usage charges from 5Gstore.

EXAMPLE 2: In October, your primary connection fails twice and you use 1.8 GB of data while SimplyFailover is active. You will pay your regular subscription fee to the subscription company, and 5Gstore will bill your credit card for $15.

*Your monthly rate may vary depending on credit, taxes, etc. Your rate may be slightly higher or lower. The finance company will discuss all charges when finalizing your order.

What you get: You'll receive a pre-configured enterprise-grade failover router that is ready to be dropped right into your network with NO setup required on your end. You also receive always-on access to the 4G LTE network, which will automatically switch on when your primary network fails. Most importantly, you get the peace of mind of knowing that an internet outage won't derail your business!

More info: For answers to common questions about SimplyFailover, read the SimplyFailover FAQ. To review the legal Terms and Conditions, read the SimplyFailover Terms & Conditions.

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Date Added: 06/12/2016 by James P. (Foxboro, MA)
You should get more data included with the monthly fee. If I want to check periodically to make sure the backup is working I shouldn't be hit with an additional $15.00. I set up my system when I received it. I switched it over to cell service for about 5 minutes to make sure it worked and was hit with the $15.00 fee.

5Gstore Comments:
According to the usage records, your cellular backup was online for 24 minutes on May 23, and 146MB of data was used during that time. It sounds like you may have experienced an outage at that time, or perhaps the test you ran was longer than you remembered. Don't forget that you can log into your account and check your usage anytime (and checking your usage does NOT use any data) - and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call so we can assist!

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Will 5Gstore SimplyFailover work for trading in the financial markets?

No, unfortunately there is some downtime between the connections switching. The best solution we can recommend is SimplyBonding, which uses Peplink's SpeedFusion VPN technology. This will provide a constant connection. See more here:

Will 5Gstore SimplyFailover work with multiple static IPs on the modem?

No, it will not work with multi static IPs programed into the modem.

Is Verizon LTE data included with 5Gstore SimplyFailover?

Yes, Verizon 4G LTE service is included. You have around 10MB monthly then pay for $15/GB only when there is an outage and you use data. Static IP Address is also included.

Will SimplyFailover create a double NAT situation when used with my current router?

No, the SimplyFailover router comes in IP passthrough mode, so it seamlessly passes along all network traffic. You'll simply set your router to DHCP mode and you'll get whatever IP is connected, your primary WAN or our cellular backup. No double NAT issues here.

Will SimplyFailover work if I use a static IP?

Yes! We can preconfigure the SimplyFailover router with your wired static IP address. This way our device installs between your existing modem and router, and you set your router to receive an IP address automatically. If the primary WAN is connected, your router gets the static IP like normal. If cellular is connected, you'll get a static cellular address so you'll still have access to your network.

Can the SimplyFailover subscription be stopped and restarted?

No, SimplyFailover is not month to month. You can not stop and restart the service as needed. It is meant as a full time backup connection or a primary connection when ordered in the 'emergency' configuration.