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Peplink FusionHub Virtual Appliance

Peplink’s SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding technology is used by many businesses to combine internet connections for faster data speeds while benefitting from unbreakable VPN data protection. With FusionHub software, you can use SpeedFusion to connect to local Peplink routers with a virtual cloud server or other remote physical devices. This allows you to quickly transfer data and files using multiple bandwidth sources with persistent uptime and failover even in remote areas. You’ll also be able to track the Web domain visits and application usage of your clients and customers.

The virtual FusionHub appliance can be deployed in a local data center, hosted public cloud or hybrid server, and you can establish as many hubs as are needed to meet business needs. This SpeedFusion endpoint works with almost all major virtual machine software, including Amazon Web Services, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V. Furthermore, no additional hardware is needed to install FusionHub on an existing server. It runs on the same core firmware as the Peplink Balance line of enterprise routers, making it easier to virtually expand on your infrastructure.