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SureCall Force5 2.0 Voice and LTE Signal Booster with Built-In Sentry

SureCall Force5 2.0 is the next evolution in cellular booster technology. It is the first cell phone booster with integrated remote access, which helps adjust and optimize the SureCall Force5 2.0 booster’s performance via an off-site mobile app. SureCall Force5 is FCC approved.

Known as a wideband DAS solution, SureCall Force5 2.0 provides improved cellular coverage for large buildings with the use of a powered bi-directional amplifier and non-powered antennas. The self-contained cell phone signal booster improves signal strength for all major North American cell carriers, including U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, resulting in decreased dropped and missed calls and improved 4G LTE data performance. Thanks to its SureIQ™ Technology, signals are balanced, maximizing performance and preventing shutdowns in strong-signal environments.

Additionally, the Force5 2.0 is the first-ever cell phone signal booster equipped with built-in remote monitoring through SureCall's proprietary Sentry software and hardware. This allows integrators to optimize booster performance during installation and while located off-site by using either the iPhone® or Android® app, or through the desktop interface. Several versions of the SureCall Force5 2.0 kits are available at 5GStore, which include omni antenna and Yagi antenna options.

Have questions about the SureCall Force5 2.0 signal booster with built-in Sentry? Contact us; we’ll be happy to help you determine whether the SureCall Force5 2.0 is right for your business.