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MobileMark MLTM Multi-Element Mag Mount Antenna for Cellular, GPS, WiFi

When it comes to simplicity of use, magnetic mount antennas are some of the easiest ways to boost GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi signals. These MobileMark MLTM multi-element magnetic mount antennas are available in many different configurations here at 5GStore, with a range of combinations of antenna elements. Tailor these MobileMark antennas to your specific needs. These field-proven designs all have low profiles and provide multi-band antennas for LTE MiMo, Wi-Fi and GPS. For use on everything from responder vehicles, buses to fleet vehicles, these high-performance MobileMark mag mount antennas also work well for M2M applications.

Many 5GStore customers appreciate the easy installation of magnetic mount antenna bases because they don’t require drilling, although they do require a metal ground plane. (If your vehicle’s roof is fiberglass, copper or aluminum tape can be substituted as a ground plane.) They’re also highly portable, so they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with ease.


  • Low profile
  • Magnetic mount
  • Multi-band antenna for LTE MIMO, WIFI and GPS
  • Field proven design; dependable link
  • Mechanically sound, meets Industrial & Military specs

The MLTM antenna can be special ordered in many other configurations besides the ones shown below (color, number of WiFi elements, etc). Please contact us for a quote.