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Panorama Sharkfin Antenna for Cellular, GPS, WiFi

The Sharkfin style antenna is designed for use with IBR900 and IBR1700 Cradlepoint routers and other vehicle routers, ensuring high speed data with 2G/3G/4G LTE, Wi-Fi support along with positioning through GPS/GNSS. The low profile antenna has a compact OEM style sharkfin housing that contains up to 5 elements for 2x2 MiMo for LTE, 2x2 MiMo for Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS with 26dB gain LNA.

This high-performance antenna offers multiple antenna functions while remaining discreet and is suitable for FirstNet (overt/covert), where a cost-effective, efficient and robust antenna is essential. Requiring only a single hole mounting, the antenna reduces vehicle damage, installation time, cost and visual impact whilst protecting a vehicle's resale value.

The Sharkfin Antenna can be special ordered in many other configurations besides the ones shown below (cables, number of WiFi or LTE elements, etc). Please contact us for a quote.

2 x Cellular

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$208.55  $179.99
Save: $28.56 off

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2 x Cellular + 1 x GPS

In Stock
$253.16  $199.99
Save: $53.17 off

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2 x Cellular, 2 x WiFi, 1 x GPS

In Stock

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