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Antennas > Cables & Adapters

In order for your wireless network to work seamlessly, all the pieces need to connect to each other. At 5Gstore, we have a large assortment of cables and adapters to connect routers, antennas, signal boosters and more to get the most out of your network. Whether you’ve misplaced your coaxial cable and need a replacement, are installing a new antenna on your roof that you need to run to the router on the first floor, or need to connect two different cable end types to each other, we have the cables and adapters you need to optimize your 4G or Wi-Fi network.

You can choose from a number of adapter cables and connectors, including adapters for antennas with FME/female cable endings, FME/male to SMA/male adapters, N/female to FME female adapters, and lots more. No matter what equipment powers your network, you can link it all together with 5Gstore cables and adapters, and our expert customer service will help you get the right products you need. With fast shipping to quickly get you up and running, you’ll always be connected.

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