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WiFi > Wireless Bridge

If you have multiple independent wired networks in your home or office, you need a way to connect them if you want them to work together. Wireless bridges provide the solution, using Wi-Fi to allow the networks to communicate with each other. After logging into the primary router that’s connected to the internet, the wireless bridge passes this connection on to any device either plugged in via a LAN jack or connected via Wi-Fi. At 5Gstore, we offer a quality selection of Pepwave wireless bridges to act as the gatekeeper between wired networks.

Pepwave AP One wireless bridges are designed to be versatile and reliable, with uses ranging from setting up a login portal for hotel guests to connecting televisions and media players to the internet for streaming video. The AP One AC Mini is optimized for Peplink Balance routers and can broadcast Wi-Fi up to 300 feet, while the Pepwave AP One Rugged has enterprise grade Wi-Fi broadcast of up to 700 feet. The Pepwave Surf On-The-Go can be used as a wireless bridge while also operating as a router for mobile broadband USB modems. Contact 5Gstore and let our staff with nearly 20 years of Wi-Fi experience help you find the right wireless bridge, and enjoy fast shipping on our expansive list of in-stock products.

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