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Upgrade your wireless network or take the first step towards building your first one with 5Gstore’s massive selection of Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi bridges, Wi-Fi as WAN devices and accessories. Wi-Fi has changed the broadband game for both consumer and enterprise users, and having a strong, reliable Wi-Fi network is critical for maximizing efficiency and connectivity. 5Gstore is an authorized reseller for Peplink, Pepwave, Cradlepoint and other industry-leading brands, and we offer the best devices on the market for your Wi-Fi network.

A WiFi network only gets off the ground if it has a good access point, and we carry a number of devices that will direct traffic exactly where it needs to go. Our selection is geared toward enterprise use and includes access points, controllers, routers, and bridges, some with features such as USB, WAN, AP and WiFI as WAN connections. If you’re a home or mobile user, Wi-Fi bridges and WiFi as WAN devices are able to connect to an external Wi-Fi network. We also carry an assortment of Wi-Fi accessories to replace missing parts or to use as part of a network redesign, including power adapters, Wi-Fi extension cables and wall switches.

With nearly 20 years of experience in Wi-Fi products and services, the experts at 5Gstore are here to help you find the right devices to give you great network performance for years to come. Our customer service and tech support is second to none, and most of our products are ready to be shipped as soon as you submit your order. While we strive to keep pricing fair and affordable, many items can be leased by businesses if the upfront price seems daunting. Contact us today and be on your way to a fast, secure Wi-Fi network for your home or business.

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