Sprint adds Samsung’s Galaxy s10 5G to be released on June 21.

As Sprint prepares to add more 5G cities, they also are adding another 5G phone to its lineup. Sprint has launched 5G service in four cities last month. Sprint has released they are going to be adding the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G , The New 5G phone will be joining the already released 5G phones such as the LG V50 Thin Q 5GPhone and the HTC 5G Hub home hot spot.

Sprint will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S10 to the regular consumers. Unlike AT&T the has announced this week that S10 5G phone has only been available to the Business customers. This New 5G phone does not come cheap, as the 256GB phone will cost upward of 1,300 and will requires a subscription to Sprints highest-tier Unlimited Premium plan, starting at $80 a month for a single line.

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