Verizon’s Fiber Infrastructure is Key to 5G

Verizon’s 5G network may have just launched this year, but they have been planning for it for years. The company started their first prep for 5G over 5 years ago when they made the decision to expand on their own fiber network so that it could eventually be used for backhaul for 5G, eliminating the need to make deals with other fiber owners to utilize their fiber lines. Efforts were made to buy up existing fiber where available, and then they began building out their own fiber lines where needed, a project called One Fiber.

“Back in 2015 is kind of when we kicked off the idea of One Fiber,” said Verizon VP of technology planning and development Kevin N. Smith. Four years later, the program has reached 60 American cities and involves as much as $30 million in monthly spending.

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