Putting 5G Speed to the Test in New York City

Are 5G speeds as fast as they say? Cellular providers have been foreshadowing the arrival of 5G. The ultra-fast network of the future- for many months now. But we should not get too excited, at least, not yet.

On Friday the 5th of July, T-Mobile officially turned on the switch on it 5G network in parts of New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cleveland, and Atlanta. So, Henry Parra, who spent years working in the telecommuting cations industry and no heads Consumer Reports phone testing head to downtown Manhattan to test out the 5G network.

Henry found that the 5G service had blazing speeds when the service was available. Learned that finding and keeping the signal wasn’t an easy task. Signal would disappear within a few steps, disconnecting and pushing back over to 4G LTE. The 5G speeds seemed to be great when the connection would stay established.

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