5G Could Usher in New Era of Mobile Cloud

In a survey carried out earlier 2019 by Heavy Reading, 57% of communications service providers (CSPs) said that entering new markets to spawn additional revenue is one of their top three encouragements for deploying 5G.

But what will CSPs offer that customers can’t already get elsewhere? There’s no point in deploying new 5G networks if CSPs offer only faster 4G-like services. Public cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure already offer all the bandwidth, storage and compute needed for the most common enterprise applications. Competing on connectivity and bandwidth alone will not be enough.

The real opportunity to alter in 5G comes from CSPs’ ability to take control of the customer experience. Properly addressing a wide range of vertical industry customers requires a degree of understanding fo their specific needs. Depending on the use cases, services and applications they want to run, many verticals require highly assorted and deterministic guarantees on availability and throughout. All these add up to the very specific quality of experience (QoE) demands, on a per-customer basis

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