5g cell towers can be installed in Florida front yards

Everyone is awaiting 5g to be available where they live, but do they want the actual antenna in their front yard? According to a new law, Florida doesn’t have a say. Local governments have almost no say in where the new antenna will be placed. The telecommunication companies are looking for the best sites to install the new antennas. The antennas are quite small, its a little larger then a mini refrigerator and they will be mounted on top of a utility pole. 5g uses a much higher frequency, which means it doesn’t travel as far. Signals are blocked by buildings and trees, which means they will need to mount more antennas then they normally do for the other technologies in the past.

Sadly, under a new Florida law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis this year, cities can’t require telecommunication companies to notify residents or require much of anything from the companies.

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