In the race for 5G, European companies hope to profit from security doubts over Chinese giant Huawei

As the Trump administration puts pressure on the Chinses telecom giant Huawei to block its superiority in developing future 5G networks, the small European competitors are pitching themselves as more secure alternatives.

Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications company that once had a large share of the global cellphone market, now wants to compete in the 5G security. Nicklas Lindroos, who heads the health, security, safety, and environment for mobile networks at Nokia, said with an interview with Yahoo News.

Huawei has emerged in recent years from nowhere, supported by massive government subsidies, a network of research and development facilities, and a footprint in rural and developing areas around the world. Nokia and Ericsson of Sweden, once giant in the telecommunications field, began to lag behind in development and competitive pricing. However, as Washington has Huawei in its scope, the small European companies see an opportunity.

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