iPhone vs Galaxy competition will make 5G phones more affordable

Being an early adopter of new technology usually means spending more on equipment, but the competition between Apple and Samsung may mean that 5G phones will have a lower price than you’d think.

Apple does not yet have a 5G-capable iPhone, but rumors indicate that they’ll be launching at least 2 5G iPhones in 2020, with one being lower in price and a second more “premium” model.

Samsung already has one 5G-capable phone, the Galaxy S10 5G, and it is quite pricey. However, Apple’s rumored introduction of a cheaper model has led to Samsung planning to launch their own lower-cost “E” (as in “essential”) Galaxy 5G in 2020 to compete.

The actual prices of the rumored lower-cost Apple and Samsung models are yet to be known. But the competition between the two should help to drive down prices and encourage more non-premium 5G options.