Verizon gives extra 15GB to everyone to help users stay connected during COVID-19 crisis

With students and non-essential workers staying home to study and work, access to affordable internet is incredibly important. To help their users stay connected without incurring pricey overage fees, Verizon is giving all of its customers an extra 15GB of data through the end of April. Users on an unlimited plan will be able to use 15 additional GB before seeing their speeds slow, and users with metered data plans will simply have an extra 15GB per line added to their allowance.

Per Verizon, “all wireless plans available since 2015 are eligible for this data boost,” including consumer and small business plans as well as prepaid plans. To further help anyone struggling, Verizon has waived activation, overage and late fees and enabled unlimited calling for customers who are on older plans that had capped monthly phone minutes.

For non-wireless Verizon customers, Verizon also announced that they will be adding a cheaper Fios home broadband option for those who qualify for the low-income Lifeline assistance program. Beginning April 3, eligible new customers will be able to get Verizon’s 200Mbps Fios service for $20 per month – half off the usual rate.