T-Mobile announces plans to utilize 2.5GHz spectrum for 5G around the country

Thanks to their merger with Sprint, T-Mobile now owns 2.5 GHz spectrum, and they are planning to put it to use as soon as possible by utilizing it for 5G in underserved areas.

At the Oppenheimer Technology Conference today, T-Mobile’s President of Technology Neville Ray said that in addition to deploying low-band 5G on its 600MHz spectrum network, T-Mobile plans to aggressively use the 2.45Hz “mid-band” frequency to upgrade up to 800 sites a week to 5G.

T-Mobile’s goal for the 2.5GHz rollout is to be able to offer home broadband service in rural areas of the country where options are limited. Matt Staneff, T-Mobile’s CMO, noted that with many people now working and studying from home due to the COVID pandemic, the home internet market is critical.