Best 5G phones under $500: iPhone SE, Pixel 4A 5G

With the launch of its iPhone 12 last year, Apple discounted the 2019 iPhone 11 to $600 and the 2018 iPhone XR to $500. That pricing tier has been popular of late, and many big-time mobile phone-makers offer great new phones in that range. One of them is Google’s Pixel 4A 5G, which joins the Pixel 4A from August 2020.

With so many phones hitting the market, people on a tight budget have more options to choose from. Further, in addition to the new ones, there are plenty of reliable options from 2019 and 2020 still available. The best part: All of them cost about $500 or less. And despite their low prices, budget phones are getting more advanced and pack features akin to a premium phone, like amazing cameras, fast processors, lots of internal storage, a great front camera, and the latest software updates. Further, if you’re willing to buy an unlocked phone, your choices become even broader.