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Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 High Performance Vehicle Router with 2 x 5G/Cat 20 LTE Modems

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Item Number: 11020
Model: 1104709

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All MG90 deployments require subscriptions to Sierra AirLink Support and AMM as well as the purchase of a Sierra Professional Service. Cellular and WiFi antennas are also required and sold separately. Contact us to discuss your needs and to receive a customized quote.

The AirLink® MG90 is a high performance 5G vehicle networking platform that offers extensible multi-network connectivity, to provide secure uninterrupted communications for the world’s most demanding mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services fleets.

With extensible multi-network connectivity, the MG90 offers a 5G radio with Cat 20 LTE backup, dual concurrent Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, with extensions to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and satellite systems.

Router features:

  • This router is best for: First responders, field personnel, and other vehicle users.
  • Internet Connections Supported: 2 x Embedded 5G/Cat 20 LTE IMPORTANT: you will need a 2mm Hex L-wrench (not included) to access the SIM slot on the router, WiFi as WAN* (more info)
  • Networks Supported for Embedded Modem: 5G: Sub-6: n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n25, n28, n38, n40, n41*, n48, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79; LTE: 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), AWS(B4), 850(B5), 2600(B7), 900(B8), 700(B12), 700(B13), 700(B14), 700(B17), 850(B18), 850(B19), 800(B20), 1900(B25), 850(B26), 700(B28), 700(B29), 2300(B30), 1500(B32), TDD B38, TDD B39, TDD B40, TDD B41, TDD B42, TDD B46, CBRS B48, 1700(B66), 600(B71); WCDMA/HSPA+: 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), AWS(B4), 850(B5), 800(B6), 900(B8), 1700(B9), 850(B19)
    • AT&T and Verizon certifications pending
  • WiFi Standard: 3x3 MIMO 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • WiFi Range: 150-200'
  • Ports: 5 x 10/100/1000 LAN, 1 RS-232 serial
  • Power supply: Hardwire DC power supply; AC power supply and cigarette lighter power supply are available separately
  • Size: 10.71" x 8.66" in x 2.36"

*Compatibility with all WiFi networks cannot be guaranteed. Networks requiring authentication on a "splash page" (e.g. Starbucks WiFi) in particular can be hit or miss.


  • 5G connectivity delivers massive amounts of real-time data needed for mission-critical applications
  • Proven solution: More than 25% of the top 50 transit agency vehicles and 75% of high-performance EMS systems depend on Sierra Wireless routers.
  • Increases safety, transparency and compliance while maximizing system expandability and ROI
  • Delivers advanced awareness of fleet operations with built-in vehicle I/O for remote monitoring of auxiliary devices such as light bars, sirens and gun racks


  • Cellular WAN
    • Dual modems, supports 5G Sub-6, LTE Cat 20 (Carrier Aggregation), Fall back to 3G-HSPA+
    • Peak D/L: Up to 2 Gbps
    • Peak U/L: Up to 1 Gbps
    • Carrier Approvals: Verizon (pending), AT&T (pending), T-Mobile USA, Other major carriers pending
    • Supported Frequency Bands:
      • 5G: Sub-6: n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n25, n28, n38, n40, n41*, n48, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79
      • LTE: 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), AWS(B4), 850(B5), 2600(B7), 900(B8), 700(B12), 700(B13), 700(B14), 700(B17), 850(B18), 850(B19), 800(B20), 1900(B25), 850(B26), 700(B28), 700(B29), 2300(B30), 1500(B32), TDD B38, TDD B39, TDD B40, TDD B41, TDD B42, TDD B46, CBRS B48, 1700(B66), 600(B71)
      • WCDMA: 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), AWS(B4), 850(B5), 800(B6), 900(B8), 1700(B9), 850(B19)
    • Industry Approvals: FCC, IC, PTCRB, GCF, CE, RED, RCM
    • Automatic Network Operator Switching based upon SIM
    • Dual SIM Functionality (2FF SIM)
  • Satellite Navigation (GNSS)
    • Dedicated GNSS Receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
    • Tracking Sensitivity: -162 dBm
    • Reports (Update Rate 1Hz): NMEA, TAIP
    • Reliable Store and Forward via serial, TCP or UDP
    • Inertial Navigation Sensors (Accelerometer and Gyro)
  • WiFi 
    • Dual Radio, dual concurrent 3x3 MIMO 802.11 b/g/n/ac
    • Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz (each radio)
    • Support for 128 clients
    • Default mode: WiFi as WAN and WiFi built-in vehicle AP
    • High output power 21 dBm (per channel)
  • Host Interfaces
    • 5 Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet ports
    • 2 USB 3.0 type-A ports
    • RS-232 Serial Port on DB-9 Connector
    • 1 Auxiliary RJ-45 Input/Output port
    • 4 SIM Slots (Dual SIM per radio)
    • 9 SMA Female antenna connectors (2 cellular and 2 diversity for each modem, 1 GNSS)
    • 7 RP-SMA Female antenna connectors (3x3 Wi-Fi WAN, 3x3 Wi-Fi AP, 1 Bluetooth)
    • Active GNSS antenna support
  • Input/Output
    • Configurable I/O GPIOs (5 pins total – 4 DB9 & 1 Power connector)
    • Digital input: 0-36 VDC with optional pullup (Dry contact sense input)
    • Digital Open Collector Output > sinking 500 mA
  • LAN (Ethernet/USB)
    • DHCP Server
    • VLAN
    • Virtual BSSIDs
    • PPPoE
    • AP Isolation
  • Network and Routing
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • LAN Segmentation
    • WAN/LAN Connection Policy Management
    • QoS: Application/ Traffic Priority Queuing
    • Load Balancing Over Multiple WAN Links
    • WAN Monitors: Connection Failure Recovery
    • Configurable MTU size
    • Multiple LAN Support
    • Customize transmission buffer size
    • Static Routing
    • WAN Ethernet
  • VPN
    • Integrated with ACM VPN Server
    • IPsec protocol with IKEv1/IKEv2
    • Encryption: 3DES/AES128/AES256
    • Hashing: MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA512
    • Key Exchange: DHGroup2/5/14/15/16/17
    • Support LAN to LAN and Host to LAN
    • Up to 10 concurrent tunnels per link MOBIKE protocol
    • IP compression
    • Full/Split Tunnel
    • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
  • Security
    • AAA: 802.1x/Radius authentication with Wi-Fi and Ethernet
    • Firewall: Port forwarding and filtering
    • WLAN Encryption: WPA2 Personal/Enterprise
    • WLAN MAC Address filtering
  • Network Management
    • Airlink Mobility Manager (AMM): available as cloud based service or as licensed enterprise application
    • Status dashboard showing at-a-glance fleet health
    • emote management, configuration and software updates
    • Location-based analytics and diagnostics: Networ
    • Coverage Maps and Trails; Link Utilization; Bandwidth Consumption
    • Configurable geo-zone based event monitoring and alerting
    • Live vehicle location tracking
    • Optional fleet operations pack: vehicle diagnostics reporting and mobile asset tracking
  • Vehicle Telemetry
    • OBD II/ J1939/ J1708 interface over serial
    • Diagnostic real time alerts/reports (via AMM)
  • Power
    • Input/Operating Voltage: 7 to 36 VDC
    • Power modes: ON 30W (2.5A @12V); Standby 135mW (11mA@12V)
    • Built-in protection against voltage transients including 5 VDC engine cranking
    • Ignition Sense with time delay shutdown
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +70°C / -22°F to +158°F
    • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F
    • Humidity: 95% RH @ 60C
    • MIL-STD-810G conformance to shock, vibration, thermal shock, and humidity
    • IP64 rated ingress protection
  • Dimensions
    • 272mm x 220mm x 60mm (10.71in x 8.66in x 2.36in)
    • Weight: 2.4kg / 5.3 lb
  • Industry Certifications
    • Safety: IECEE Certification Bodies Scheme (CB Scheme), UL 60950
    • Vehicle Usage: E-Mark (72/245/EEC, 2009/19/EC), ISO7637- 2, SAE J1455 (Shock & Vibration)
    • Environmental: RoHS2, REACH, WEEE
  • Reliability
    • MTBF: 23.22 years (Telcordia SR-332 Issue3 Method1)
  • Support and Warranty
    • 3 year standard warranty
    • Optional additional 2 year warranty extension
    • Unrestricted device software upgrades
  • Minimum Requirements 
    • SIM card with active mobile broadband plan from a compatible provider
    • 2mm Hex L-wrench (required to access the SIM card slot)

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