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Digi EX12 Cellular Extender with Cat 4 LTE Modem

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Item Number: 11351
Model: EX12-0004-OUS
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Manage Your Network Your Way Remote device management: network-wide updates, data insights and control. Digi Remote Manager delivers centralized visibility and automates processes at your command, with actionable 24/7 remote monitoring.
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Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity; integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure

Digi EX12 is an affordable, scalable failover solution that enables you to retrofit your infrastructure for cellular network access. With a carrier-certified, embedded LTE Cat 4 cellular modem, equipped with dual SIM slots, Digi EX12 provides uninterrupted primary or backup connectivity. It protects against downtime by automatically switching to a secondary cellular carrier should the primary SIM lose Internet access. This compact, high-performance device is also compatible with any dual-WAN networking appliance and helps you achieve reliable connectivity at any location using your existing equipment.

Couple the Digi EX12 with a dedicated wireline ISP connection to maximize uptime and ensure reliable network availability for POS systems, ATMs, mobile kiosks, digital signage and more. Deployments are streamlined with installation accessories including an optional Remote Mounting Kit with a disposable battery pack for site survey, mounting bracket and a passive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector for optimizing placement for the best cellular reception.

Reduce the complexity of deploying and managing devices with Digi Remote Manager®, the command center of an intelligent network. At the heart of Digi’s cellular solutions, Digi Remote Manager provides centralized control, management, security, edge intelligence and day-to-day network management for hundreds and thousands of distributed devices. 


  • Redundant cellular connectivity with dual SIMs and
  • Digi SureLink® Digi TrustFence® for built-in device security, secure
  • encrypted connections, ongoing monitoring and support
  • FirstNet CapableTM models for use on public safety networks
  • Optional Remote Mounting Kit with bracket, accessories, passive PoE injector and site survey battery pack to identify the best location for optimum cellular reception
  • Automatic cellular carrier detection and switching with Carrier Smart SelectTM
  • Digi Remote Manager (optional) software for easy setup, mass configuration and management

*Standard 3-year warranty upgradeable to 5 years with the purchase of a Digi Remote Manager Premier 5-year subscription applicable to the product purchased only at the time of product purchase and with product registration at that time in Digi Remote Manager.


No. of Cellular Connectors 2
No. of WiFi Connectors 0
No. of GPS Connectors 0
Cellular Connector SMA Female
No. of LAN Ports 1
No. of WAN Ports 1
No. of Fiber (SFP) Ports 0
No. of Serial Ports 1
No. of Embedded Modems 1
Ports Configurable as LAN/WAN Yes
WAN Throughput Speed 100 MBps
SIM Card Size 2FF
Length (in) 5
Width (in) 5
Height (in) 1
Weight (lb) 0.5
Minimum Temperature (F) 32
Maximum Temperature (F) 104
Material Plastic
Antennas Included Yes
Modem Expansion Slot No
Modem Replaceable No
FIPS Certified No
Cloud Management Included No
Power Input 18 VDC 1 A
Bluetooth No
Bonding Support Yes
IP Passthrough Yes

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Can Digi EX12 be powered by PoE?

Yes, Digi EX12 comes with a passive PoE adapter for remote mounting as well as to provide a way to more easily perform a site survey to determine best installation location.

Can you change the WAN port on the Digi EX12 to act as a LAN?

Yes, ethernet port 1 is set to LAN and ethernet port 2 is set to WAN by default. These can be changed to LAN or WAN at any time.

What material is the Digi EX12 enclosure?

Plastic, as a result be mindful of the operating temperature range of 0 C to 40 C (32 F to 104 F).

Do I need to connect a regular router to the Digi EX12 for WiFi access?

Yes, you would still need a router for WiFi access as the Digi EX12 is meant for cellular backup.

Digi EX12 User Guide Download installation guide/manual
Digi EX12 Quick Start Guide Download installation guide/manual

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