Verizon CEO Says Half of US Will Have 5G in 2020

Although 5G has only just started launching around the country, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg predicts that by next year 5G will be accessible to phone users in half the country. “I think we will have [phones running on 5G in 50% of the country] by next year. It is a functionality called DSS, dynamic spectrum sharing, where basically it’s agnostic to what type of phone you have,” said Vestberg.

Vestberg also reiterated Verizon’s previous statement that by 2024 half the population will own a 5G-capable phone. He also noted, however, that 4G is still a powerful technology that will continue to be used for years while 5G is built out. “Don’t forget that 4G is an extremely powerful technology as well and we need to cater to all our customers with the best network that we have,” he said.

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