T-Mobile plans to launch nationwide 5G this year

Despite previously saying that they would launch nationwide 5G in 2020, T-Mobile announced today that they play to deploy 5G service on 600 MHz and millimeter wave spectrum nationwide this year.

AT&T and Verizon have each launched 5G using millimeter wave in around 12 markets, and Sprint has deployed 5G on the 2.5GHz spectrum in a few locations, but T-Mobile currently only offers 5G in 6 markets. If they do launch nationwide this year, they will have the most 5G coverage of any US carrier.

T-Mobile’s 5G service likely won’t be as fast as Verizon’s or AT&T’s due to the frequencies they’ll be using, but it will be faster than LTE and will have much better latency.

T-Mobile plans to offer a 5G phone to go along with their service soon and will have two by the end of the year. One that has already been announced is the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, which will be exclusive to T-Mobile.