Federal Communications Commission announces Salt Lake City will be 5G wireless test site

The FCC has announced that Salt Lake City and New York City will be test sites for new 5G wireless technology.

The Projects will test the new lighting fast 5G service and prototype networks like those that can support 5G technologies. Will also establishing a process to ensure new innovators can have access to this test resource while protecting current licensed users.

The FCC’s Innovation Zone will support POWDER (Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research) in several connected corridors of Salt Lake City. The University of Utah will oversee some of it. 5G typically refers to “fifth generation” mobile networks, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections.

The Utah State Legislature in 2018 passed a bill that allowed for 5G wireless in the state. It allowed infrastructure for it to “piggyback” on what’s currently in place, similar to how Google Fiber was able to set up in the city.