Cradlepoint promotes 5G-ready routers; 5G modems expected in 2021

Cradlepoint, a leader in wireless networking for LTE, is preparing for 5G and making sure customers have access to equipment that can be used for LTE now and for 5G in the future.

There are currently no 5G modems or routers available besides what is offered by the carriers directly, but manufacturers like Cradlepoint and others are developing 5G gear with a 2021 release timeline. In the meantime, customers who need hardware now but don’t want to have to purchase all new equipment when 5G is available can purchase routers that offer the option to add a 5G modem in the future. Routers like the AER2200, IBR1700, E300, E3000 and CR4250 are all capable of supporting a 5G modem (which will be sold separately when available), making them great choices for users who want to plan for the long term but can’t wait until 2021 to make their networking purchase.