Verizon plans Super Bowl rollout for ultra-fast 5G

Super Bowl LV’s battle between Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs will be the main attraction on Sunday, but Verizon is hoping to use the event as a showcase for ultra-fast broadband, unveiling a range of 5G-powered features for fans attending the game. There’s a lot riding on the rollout for NFL and Verizon, which has billed 5G as the future of streaming data.

Verizon, which is teaming up with the NFL for its product push, is billing it as an “immersive and interactive” viewing experience for fans in the stadium and at home during Super Bowl LV.

Verizon has retrofitted the Raymond James Stadium with ultra-wideband 5G, the fastest form of the technology, to reimagine live events and highlight “one of the best use cases for the power of 5G.”