Verizon To Launch 5G in 30 Cities in 2019

Verizon finally offered some details about its 5G launch this morning: it plans to deploy the next-gen wireless technology in 30 cities by the end of 2019. The carrier didn’t say which cities those would be, how thoroughly 5G would be deployed throughout those cities, or when exactly the launch would begin, but Verizon did say that each launch would include some deployment of super fast millimeter wave radios.

“It’s just gonna be a total different experience in speed and throughput than you have ever seen before,” Hans Vestberg, Verizon’s CEO, said during a meeting with investors this morning. Spokespeople for Verizon confirmed that the company is not yet identifying which cities the service will launch in.

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Is the 5G spectrum harmful to your health?

Cell phones emit very low electromagnetic radiation. The radiation that cellular devices are broadcasting is much safer than the other sort of radiation such as X-rays and Gamma Rays. This means that the low Radio Frequency emitted by the 5G device does not have enough energy to move, vibrate atoms or molecules. This would mean that 5G frequency does not cause cancer as it does not damage the DNA cells.

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3‌ Changes Name To


3‌ Changes Name To – Delivering Same Great Products, Same Great Experience, Same Great Service

After more than 30 successful years in business and 14 years as 3‌, cellular product and services leader modernizing presentation of company with name upgrade.


Crystal Lake, IL – February 5, 2019 –, the leading provider of wireless and cellular products and services that help companies run more successful businesses, today announced that the company is officially changing its name from 3‌GStore to 5GStore.  Nothing else has changed or will change. 3‌ will still be accessible for customers, as will the new

“While having our strongest year to date in 2018 and still offering legacy 2G, 3G, and 4G products and solutions, we felt it important to remain ahead of the technology curve from corporate representation and relevance standpoint and make the name change,” said Michael Ginsberg, President of “Nothing else changes, but the name.  Our customers can expect the same great products, the same great shopping experience, and the same great service. Only now we are 5Gstore.”

In addition to its legacy products, 5Gstore is always at the forefront of selling available the newest technology solutions and has all the latest 4G products in stock and will be offering all the best 5G solutions as they become available.

“Michael and the team at 5Gstore have been our go-to source for all things cellular for years,” says Daniel McLeod, President of Crime Point.  “We always receive our orders promptly and the customer service has consistently been exceptional.  We have no plans to use another vendor any time soon.  It’s nice to see the company changing with the times.”

Please visit to view a short video announcing the name change, as well as some corporate and industry history.

Founded in the late 1980s as MDG Computer Services, Inc. the company originally developed unique software applications and was the first company to ship an eCommerce program in 1998. Since that time the company evolved into, and now, while shipping more than 1,250,000 products over the past fifteen years.

5Gstore maintains the highest online security for safe shopping experiences.  The company consistently receives top ratings from security services organizations and is fully committed to providing safe and secure online shopping for its growing list of blue-chip customers.

About 5Gstore

Since 2005,, formerly, has been the leader in wireless and cellular product sales and support.  The company sells the industry’s best routers, signal boosters, antennas, switches and hundreds of additional products that are supported by the company’s recognized industry-leading customer support.  For more information, please call us on 1-833-5GSTORE (1-833-547-8673), visit us at, or send us a note at


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Huawei’s 5G Foldable Smartphone

Mobile World Congress this year’s biggest show when it comes to mobile products, Huawei will be unveiling the first 5G foldable device at this show. This Chinese company will be releasing this device before Samsung’s 5G phone will be released for consumers. This will be scheduled to be seen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, February 24th, at 2 PM Barcelona time 8 AM ET.

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5G is on its way to Chicago

A large thick cable that is coiled up laying on the roof of a parking garage in snow will be helping bring the 5G service to Chicago. Telecommunications Contractors will be installing this equipment for Sprints 5G Network. The installation of the 5G equipment will take place throughout Chicago. Equipment will be installed on top of many buildings and structures as Sprint works at bringing 5G. The new generation of 5G will bring lightning fast download speeds and change the way society operates.

The new 5G service will be up to 20 times faster than 4g LTE services, said Jonathan Hart the director of the government affairs from Houston based telecommunications infrastructure company. As other telecommunications experts argue that these speeds are an understatement.

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Verizon CEO Released Info

Verizon CEO Released info on Tuesday targeting markets such as 5G home and 5G commercial. Offering faster throughput speeds and the low latency of the 5G Verizon backed network. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg mentions that 5G will bring new and exciting services such as Apple music to some of the data plans, also adding Netflix style gaming services. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg explains that Verizon will be working with different developers that are working with the Verizon 5G equipment to create new innovations and services, to read the full article see here.

AT&T Reveals 5G road map

AT&T plans to roll-out a nationwide, fifth-generation wireless network for businesses in 2020, the company said on Monday, intensifying the battle between top cellular providers to be the first to unveil the high-speed offering outside of select U.S. cities.

The Dallas-based firm said its new 5G network, currently available in 12 cities including Atlanta, Dallas, Louisville & New Orleans, will lead to increased earnings and reduced costs for U.S. companies. “The 5G services we’re rolling out and combining with our advanced network capabilities will help businesses fundamentally change for the better,” Mo Katibeh, chief marketing officer at AT&T Business, said in a statement.

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Sprint President Points Out that AT&T 5G is not True 5G

In an interview with Yahoo at CES last week, Sprint president of Business Jan Geldmacher expressed his irritation at AT&T’s decision to market their upgraded LTE network as “5G E”. “They call it 5G, but we believe it’s not 5G. We roll out the real 5G. It’s based on our 2.5 gigahertz spectrum. It’s based on our massive mine of technology, and it’s compliant with the 5G [rules], which we have agreed to.”

Geldmacher is correct that customers seeing the new “5G E” indicator on their AT&T phone are not actually connecting to a true 5G network. There are currently no 5G phones available, and Sprint also announced at CES that they plan to launch the first real 5G-enabled smartphone, a device from LG, in 2019.

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Georgia Senators Pursue Regulations to Promote 5G Development

A Georgia Senate study committee voted unanimously last week to pursue statewide regulations related to where and how cellphone companies can install their equipment. The goal of the regulations is to promote 5G wireless development in the state by giving cell carriers access to public rights of way to install their cell equipment as long as they comply with statewide standards for pole height, permitting fees and equipment sizes. “We hope that we can get broadband smeared all over Georgia at a much faster rate,” said state Sen. Frank Ginn, the chairman of the Senate Advanced Communications Technologies and Use of State and Local Government Right of Way Policy Modernization Committee.

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AT&T 5G Now Live in Atlanta, Charlotte, and 10 Other Cities

December 21 was a big day for AT&T, as they turned on their mobile 5G service in 12 cities in the US: Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Louisville, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Waco. AT&T subscribers in those markets can now take advantage of the super fast speeds of 5G – but only via the 5G-capable Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot, currently the only 5G-capable device available to use with the service. Furthermore, interested users can’t sign up online or in store like they can for AT&T’s other services – prospective customers must start at AT&T’s 5G site (there is one for business users and one for consumers).

2019 should bring 5G to a wider audience as well as more devices to use with it (Samsung is planning a 5G Galaxy Smartphone, and others will surely follow).