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Upgrade a 3G router to a Sierra LTE device and receive a $50-$100 rebate. See details

Sierra Wireless

Paramedics can get patient records and pinpoint GPS data en route to an accident or other medical complaint. Police can receive visual aids, such as suspect photos and surveillance footage, as they respond to a call. And firefighters can research building information, from structure to contents, as they race to a fire. All of these use cases and more are made possible by emergency vehicles fitted with machine to machine (M2M) embedded modems such as those offered by Sierra Wireless.

Powered by cellular signals from nation’s top carriers, including AT&T and Sprint and others, embedded M2M routers and gateways like the Sierra Wireless GX450 are now discreetly providing first responders mission critical information that makes it easier to do their jobs when time is of the essence. And they’re receiving all of this data while they’re on the move, learning about the situation as they race to the scene.

Sierra Wireless routers aren’t just limited to vehicle use – they can also be used for offices, ATMs, kiosks and other situations where M2M connections are needed to remotely transmit information. A variety of configurations and options are also offered for most of their models, such as added I/O support, additional ethernet ports and WiFI support.

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