T-Mobile told to revise 5G reliability claims in ads

Earlier this summer, Verizon was advised by the National Advertising Division (NAD) to be more realistic about their 5G coverage in their advertising, and now T-Mobile has received recommendations about their 5G ads too. After hearing complaints from Verizon, The NAD, which runs the ad industry’s self-regulatory system and is part of BBB National Programs, has asked T-Mobile to stop putting forth claims that its 5G network is more reliable than competitors’ 4G or 5G networks.

The NAD told T-Mobile that they can continue telling consumers that its 5G service is faster than 4G and offers more coverage than rivals’ 5G, as there is data confirming those claims. While they agreed with T-Mobile’s argument about their coverage, they disagreed with their assertion that their coverage also indicated superior reliability, so that part of their advertising strategy will need to be altered.